Stirrups and Smiles, is a 501(c)3 certified Non-Profit organization that serves individuals with disabilities.


We are very excited to announce the creation of Beyond Belief – AR (DBA Stirrups & Smiles) a non-profit equine therapy facility dedicated to improving the lives of people with special needs in our community.  We provide hippotherapy to children with special needs at the present time and we plan to serve adults with disabilities, wounded war veterans, at-risk youth and countless others who could benefit from a therapeutic partnership with horses in the near future.

Our riders benefit from Hippotherapy in a variety of ways. The rhythmic motion of the horse at the walk helps to relax tight spastic muscles. Sitting on the horse encourages students to hold themselves up which strengthens neck and trunk muscles.

The recreational nature of this program allows a source of hope for people with disabilities. Horseback riding allows individuals with special needs to enjoy an independence they never thought would be available. Once they encounter the horse, they experience a being "normal", able to escape the limitations of their disabilities. They are simply a rider, who almost immediately develops a deep and lasting emotional bond with "their" new friend. The friend just happens to weigh approximately 1100 pounds and larger than anything they have encountered in their lifetime. They are able to discover a level of love and compassion they have never imagined.  The power of the horse is miraculous.